I’m Jonas, a visual narrator who harnesses photos to tell stories. I love expressing myself through imagery.

Artisan Soul

As a 10-year-old, I dreamed of being an artist, unlike most boys with their computer games, I chose to perfect my art assignments over screen-time.

I went to the School of Economics at QUT, believing that I was good at crunching number$. However, I lost interest quickly in economics and found myself indulging in some elective units in marketing. I graduated with a major in marketing instead. Yet through all of that, I never lost my love for art.

In 2010, I spent all the money I’d saved from working part-time on my first DSLR. I honed my photography skills following tutorials on YouTube. Following my heart, I shot photos of subjects and stories I loved and attended a few workshops. Since then, storytelling through photography has captivated my heart. I’m honoured to have learned from some of the industry’s maestros, like Jonas Peterson, who have helped me refine my craft.

Learning an art form is an ongoing journey of discovery that never stops. As Erwin Raphael McManus said, “We are both works of art and artists at work.”

The Convergence of Marketing & Photography

Marketing and creativity are two of my passions. These intersecting passions allow me to execute numerous creative ideas and special projects with ease and effectiveness.

In 2016, I started Photo Booth by Jonas C. Photo. It all started with doing instant print for a fundraiser in 2014. I bought a few funky props from the cheap dollar shop, set up my camera and connected it to an inkjet printer to give guests an instant memory of the event. I knew those beautiful photos would end up sitting on their fridge door or next to their computer screen.

Discovering the great idea of providing guests with lasting memories of cherished events, I realised that venturing into a Photo Booth business was something that I’d truly enjoy. It’s a combination of my passions in photography, graphic design, business development, marketing effectiveness, and more.

Our Photo Booth provides aesthetically pleasing graphic artwork and fun, interactive photo sessions. Through this medium, we deliver effective marketing and communication, enticing guests who are attending your event or expo.

Each and every print has a call-to-action that extends onto your desired digital platforms to effectively deliver your marketing message.

Our Photo Booth service is a combination of fun, aesthetic and marketing effectiveness.

Are you ready to create a great impression on your clients? Let’s collaborate!

Why do I love Weddings?

I enjoy the spontaneity of a wedding day. Every wedding is different and each has many elements to capture. At weddings, I get to exercise the creative creature inside of me in so many different ways, giving me a context for expressing my artisan soul.

Shooting a wedding is a storytelling collaboration between me and my clients. Working together, we tell their unique stories.

I shot my first wedding in 2012 (for my cousin) and have since grown a burning passion to craft. Each event has taught me that wedding photography is much more than mastering the powerful ‘hero shots’; what matters most is crafting photos with the power to narrate one of life’s most important celebrations for years to come.

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What’s my most memorable project?

Spending a week in Tuscany, Italy shooting a wedding at Palazzo di Pierro, a castle founded in 1599. Truly magical!

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